Courtney (metalhead684) wrote in mixcds,

Howling At The Moon: The Wolf/Wolves Anthem

Aldrlag - As Wolves
Alestorm - Wolves of the sea
Behemoth - Wolves Guard My Coffin
Cradle of Filth - A Dream of Wolves In Snow
Folkearth - Wisdom of Wolves
Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves
Greeley Estates - Wolves Make Great Actors
Korpiklaani - Running With Wolves
Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves
No Remorse No Retreat - We Are Werewolves
Senses Fail - Wolves At The Door
Sleipnir - Wolves of Odin
Wolfchant- Under The Wolves Banner
Cryonic Temple - Wolfcry
Envoutement - Night of The Black Wolf
Folkearth - The Iron Wolf
Folkearth - Wolfsong In Moonlight (Fenris Unbound)
folkeath - The Iron Wolf
Gladsheim - Fimbul Winter
Iced Earth - Wolf
Megadeth - She-Wolf
Satyricon - The Wolfpack
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven (2008 Version)
Spellblast - Legend of The Ice Wolf
Thor - Tale of Wolf/Warriors of The Universe
Twisted Tower Dire - Dire Wolf
Tyler Bates - The Wolf
Varg - Wolfszeit
Werewolf- Wolfish Famine Blood
Werewolf - Burning Eyes of Werewolf
Wolfchant- A Wolf's Tale
Wolfchant - The Desire of A Wolf
Wolfchant - Midnight Gathering
Wulfgar - A Wolf's Tale
Evilfeast - Ode To A Rising Fullmoon (Intro)
Hate Forest - Fullmoon
Heretic - Fullmoon Worship
Immortal - The Call of The Wintermoon
Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon
Werewolf - The Temple of Fullmoon
The Descent of the Sun - Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests (Cover)
Mutiilation - Under The Full Moon
Moonspell - Fullmoon Madness
Oakenshield - Fenris
Alda - Fimbulwinter
Amon Amarth - The Arrival of The Fimbul Winter
Amon Amarth - Arrival of Fimbul Winter
Einherjer - Fimbul Winter
Fimbulwinter - Fimbulwinter Sacrifice
Cradle of Filth - Beneath The Howling Stars
Within Temptation - The Howling
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